Water-Condensing Chillers for Industrial Cooling

Portable chillers for heavy-duty industrial cooling down to -30°F

Since 1965, GCI Refrigeration Technologies has been manufacturing water-condensing chillers for industrial cooling to contribute to the efficacy and safety of various industrial applications. Our decades of experience have given us the knowledge and expertise to help each customer find the right chiller for their needs.

Water-Condensing Chillers for Industrial Cooling

Our water-condensing chillers are ideal for facilities that require the external output of heat generated by industrial cooling processes. Using chilled water or another refrigerant, water-condensing chillers apply rapid cooling to materials and equipment that use high heat as part of their manufacturing procedures. In doing so, they're able to precisely control the temperature of the materials and machinery while containing the extreme temperatures, which leads to a more efficient process and a safer working environment for personnel.

While water-condensing chillers do require cooling towers to carry the residual heat outside of the facility, their minimal exposure to damage makes them a long-lasting and cost-effective chiller option.

Customizable Water-Condensing Chillers for Industrial Cooling

GCI Refrigeration Technologies manufactures four types of water-condensing chillers for industrial use in a wide range of applications. Each chiller is also available in models of varying sizes, dimensions, and capacities to more accurately accommodate job-specific needs. The framework of our chillers is our standard components, which we use as the foundation for each of our products.

By designing, customizing, and building water-condensing chillers for industrial cooling based on the meticulous needs of the valued customers we serve, we're able to provide them with quality, economical products that last. Contact GCI Refrigeration Technologies online or by phone today at (225) 926-6950 to request more information about our products.

Every chiller comes complete with basic features and functions, including:


  • Steel frames and covers for additional corrosion resistance
  • Hot gas bypass for precise temperature control
  • Brazed copper piping throughout
  • Microprocessor control system for simple use and monitoring
  • Optional customization for our water-condensed chillers is also available to suit company preferences, facility setup, and customer specifications.


  • While applications for water-condensing chillers vary by industry, use, and required capacity, we provide our customers with effective cooling products in a wide range of industries, including:
  • Food
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biotechnology
  • Plastics and rubber
  • Chemicals
  • Metalworking
  • Nuclear Science
  • Ceramic manufacturing
  • Vapor recovery
  • Medical
  • Cannabis extraction
  • Gas and oil

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