Explore Low Temperature Process Chillers

At GCI Refrigeration Technologies, we offer custom, high-quality low temperature process chillers with applications in industries from scientific research to food preparation and beyond. Our products are designed for portability, ease of use, and innovative efficiency.

Heavy Duty Industrial Chilling

With temperatures reaching as low as -30°F, our water condensing and air condensing chillers provide a convenient solution for industrial needs in food, medicine, nuclear technology, and other areas. These models feature a solid steel structure with removable steel panels that facilitate hassle-free cleaning and maintenance. The units are built to be intuitive and safe, with smart features like precise temperature control with a digital thermostat and safety packages that provide seamless pressure control and release. Long-lasting, fully-insulated brazed copper piping is used throughout the units.

These advanced industrial chilling solutions ship ready to use, complete with our special stainless steel pump designed specifically for low-temperature fluids. Simply plug in the chilling unit and connect it to your water line. Each of our chillers is completely custom-built in your choice of an outdoor or split system. If you plan to use your chiller for food-related applications, you can purchase a completely stainless-steel model. You can also fit your unit with an evaporator specifically designed for your needs, with your choice of Coilmatic™ high-efficiency evaporator, a special low-flow evaporator, or a brazed plate evaporator.

Water Condensing Chillers

Industrial chillers feature a pump that moves a refrigerant from the process to the chiller, where it is transformed from a hot gas to a cool liquid. This type of chiller is fitted with a tower of cool water that in turn cools the hot refrigerant. Choose from seven water condensing chiller models with a BTU capacity ranging from 9,600 to 52,300 at the lowest temperatures of -75°F.

Air Condensing Chillers

Although the mechanisms of both types of industrial chillers are similar, air condensers rely on ambient air, located either outside the unit or within the chiller itself. This cool air cools and liquefies the refrigerant solution. Choose from nine models of air condensing chillers with BTU output ranging from 4,100 to 46,000 at the lowest temperatures.

Our clients can access free technical phone support for fast answers to operational questions. In fact, you're speaking directly to employees at the factory where the chillers are constructed. To learn more about custom low temperature process chillers from GCI Refrigeration Technologies, contact us online or call (855) 470-8558. You can also request a quote to get pricing for your portable industrial cooling solution.

Water-Condensing Chillers for Industrial Cooling

Portable chillers for heavy-duty industrial cooling down to -30°F

Since 1965, GCI Refrigeration Technologies has been manufacturing water-condensing chillers for industrial cooling to contribute to the efficacy and safety of various industrial applications. Our decades of experience have given us the knowledge and expertise to help each customer find the right chiller for their needs. Water-Condensing Chillers for Industrial Cooling Learn More...