Low & Extra Low Temperature Industrial Chiller

Performance made the DH Series low temperature(LT) and extra low temperature(XLT) portable chillers the leaders in their class.

Designed and built by GCI for applications requiring unusually low temperature cooling, the LT and XLT icewagon™ chillers perform down to -50°F - well below the operating limits of standard machines. These chillers are suitable for soap molding, candy molding, chemical and polymer processing, printing, ceramic manufacturing, vapor recovery, and special equipment cooling applications in laboratories, medical and manufacturing facilities.

Available in both air-and water-condensing designs, LT and XLT chillers are equipped with additional features to assure reliable operation in critical applications year in and year out.


  • Steel frame and covers - Structural steel frame helps protect chiller from impact damage. Removable steel panels allow access for routine inspection and maintenance. Compact design. Casters standard for easy moves.
  • Long-life semi-hermetic compressor - Accessible semi-hermetic compressors are designed for heavy-duty refrigeration service. XLT models use a two-stage compressor for the higher performance requirement. Both are equipped with crankcase heaters to control refrigerant migration during shutdown periods, and suction accumulators to help prevent liquid refrigerant from returning to the compressor.
  • Special refrigeration - LT and XLT chillers are equipped with subcoolers, and oil separators to assure proper performance at sub-zero temperatures. To minimize heat gain from the ambient, all LT machines are double insulated and XLT chillers are triple insulated.
  • Hot gas bypass - Eliminates the constant on-off compressor short-cycling that results in excessive component ware and unnecessary electric power usage. Delivers more precise temperature control.
  • Job-specific evaporators - GCI will fit an evaporator selected specifically for your application. It may be GCI's own Coilmatic™ high-efficiency evaporator, a special low-flow evaporator, or a space saving brazed plate evaporator.
  • Stainless steel pump and tank - Complete corrosion resistance. Centrifugal circulating pump has high-efficiency impeller, centerline connections, mechanical seal. Available for a wide range of coolants. Vented tank acts as a thermal
  • Brazed copper piping throughout - Long-lasting. No plastic to get brittle. No ferrous metals to rust. Bronze valves. Full-insulated.
  • Microprocessor control - Easy-to-use digital thermostat, plus high- and low-pressure refrigerant gauges, pump pressure gauge, tank sight tube and internal refrigerant sight glass. Controls in °F or °C.
  • Safety package - Includes high/low refrigerant pressure safety switch, pressure relief device, motor overload protection, line and control circuit fuses, pump switch interlock.
  • ChillersDirect™ - Another GCI benefit to help keep your investment to a minimum. Deal directly with the factory. Talk to experts who can help make sure you get just the right chiller for your needs. Not too much. Not too little.
  • Ready-to-install - All machines are fully tested to your operating conditions before they leave our plant. Icewagon chillers are shipped ready to hook up and run. Installation is simple, usually involving only electrical and liquid connections. Free telephone support is there if you need help.
  • Options - Outdoor and split systems on air-condensing models. Call us regarding any special requirements. Custom chillers are our specialty.
  • Portable chillers for heavy-duty industrial cooling from -50°F to 10°F
  • Air- and water-condensing models
  • Engineered for long life and superior performance
  • Energy-efficient design
  • Completely non-corrodible coolant circuits
  • Complete with tank and pump
  • Non CFC refrigerants


  • Soap molding
  • Candy molding
  • Chemical and polymer processing
  • Printing
  • Ceramic manufacturing
  • Vapor recovery
  • Special equipment cooling in laboratories
  • Special equipment cooling in medical facilities
  • Special equipment cooling in manufacturing facilities

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