Icewagon Chillers for Coolant Cooling

Preventing loss of precision in machining operations

GCI Refrigeration Technologies offers a variety of solutions to the problem of holding the temperature of cutting fluids and other coolants to the proper level—protecting from heat damage in precision machining. Icewagon™ chillers can be configured to meet the exact requirements of your operation.


  • Secondary loop with coil in sump: An increasingly preferred method is to fabricate a coil and place it in the coolant sump. The chiller routes chilled water or water/glycol mix at a prescribed temperature through the coil. The coil and sump together function as a heat exchanger, removing heat from the coolant and rejecting it through the chiller.
  • Secondary loop with heat exchanger: Where the coolant is relatively free of contaminants, the chiller can be equipped with a secondary loop with an on-board heat exchanger.
  • Direct cooling: For well-filtered coolants, direct cooling can be employed. Here, the fluid flows directly through the chiller's evaporator. Heat is released directly into the refrigerator system of the chiller and rejected into the condensing water or air. In this application, a positive-displacement pump is substituted for the stand centrifugal pump to handle the oil-based coolants.
  • Direct cooling with coil in sump: In certain applications, GCI, will furnish the coil with refrigerant to directly cool the fluid. Here we provide the sump itself, built to your specifications, on an extended chiller frame. The coolant tank and pump, but an agitator may be required in the sump to provide sufficient turbulence for the heat exchanger.
  • Multiple circuits: GCI Refrigeration has provided many chillers with multiple circuits so that spindles, and/or hydraulic oil, as well as the coolant can be cooled. Generally, these are configured in parallel with multiple secondary loops operating off a common evaporator. Secondary heat exchangers and pumps keep efficiency high.
  • Icewagon™ Chillers: GCI Refrigeration has been furnishing portable chillers to industrial clients for more than 50 years. We have the most extensive line in the business and do more special models than anyone.

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