Durable, Portable Air Cooled Chillers

Value is what makes the DS Series of portable chillers the industry standard.

At GCI Refrigeration Technologies, we specialize in custom air cooled chillers that support diverse, essential industrial applications. Our DS Series of portable chillers has become the industry standard because of its exceptional value, not to mention our staunch commitment to customer service.

Features of Air Cooled Chillers

We focus on providing the functionality our clients want and need without gimmicks that increase the price and shortcuts that decrease system quality. Our custom air cooled chillers can be constructed with the features below.

Types of Air Cooled Chillers

GCI's versatile family of DS Series Icewagon™ chillers is engineered for general purpose applications, where performance, cost, and operating flexibility are key requirements. Both air and water condensing models are available, and the series comes with compressors sized from 1 to 12 hp to meet a broad range of industrial cooling needs. Rugged yet compact, the DS Series incorporates many of the features found on larger, more expensive chillers. All chillers are custom built to your order.

DS Series Icewagon™ chillers are shipped ready to hook up and run. Installation is simple, usually involving only electrical and liquid connections. Free telephone support is available if you need help. Work with our team of experts to find the best system for your needs by calling (225) 926-6950 or requesting a free online quote from GCI Refrigeration Technologies.


  • Steel frame and covers: Durable structural steel protects your chiller from impact damage. Removable steel panels allow access for routine inspection and maintenance. The compact, portable design features standard casters for easy moves.
  • Long-life hermetic compressor: This critical component is designed for heavy-duty refrigeration service and features a welded design.
  • Hot gas bypass: This feature eliminates the constant on-off compressor plugging that results in excessive component wear and unnecessary electric power usage. It also delivers more precise temperature control.
  • Exclusive GCI Coilmatic™ evaporator - A high-efficiency evaporator with built-in crud protection and reduced freeze risk. Stainless and copper throughout. None of those shortcut coil-in-tank designs.
  • Stainless steel pump: The centrifugal circulating pump has a high-efficiency impeller, centerline connections, and a mechanical seal. Steel completely resists corrosion that damages system components.
  • Brazed copper piping: This long-lasting material won't crack or rust. These fully insulated pipes are outfitted with bronze valves.
  • Microprocessor controls: Our intuitive system features an easy-to-use digital thermostat, plus high- and low-pressure refrigerant gauges, pump pressure gauge, tank sight tube, and internal refrigerant sight glass. Controls come in °F or °C and a remote interface optional. Extra digital thermometers are available.
  • Safety package: Smart safety features include high/low refrigerant pressure safety switch, pressure relief device, motor overload protection, line and control circuit fuses, and a pump switch interlock.


  • Our air cooled chillers are appropriate for critical functions in medicine, nuclear technology, and food storage and service. Choose from both outdoor and split systems available with weatherproofing, special pumps and currents, oversize tanks, special paint, and other custom features.
  • These models offer cooling capacities rated at 50°F (10°C). Standard output temperatures are from 30°F to 70°F. Capacities vary when glycol mixes are used. Our experienced technicians can help you design and build a system that supports your specific industry applications.

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