Explore Industrial Durable Scroll Chillers

GCI Refrigeration Technologies specializes in durable scroll chillers for a diverse range of industries, including but not limited to hospitality, medicine, food service, science, and manufacturing. Our completely custom-built air-cooled and water-chilled coolers represent the cutting edge of industrial refrigeration systems, with exclusive options such as explosion proofing that place us in a class above our competitors.

Air-Cooled Chillers

Our DS Series Icewagon™ air-cooled chillers are appropriate for versatile applications in medical and nuclear facilities, restaurants, and countless other industrial settings. This line is celebrated for its exceptional value along with premium features such as a comprehensive package of safety features and precise temperature control. The compact, durable design of this chiller features a structural steel frame that can stand up to tough impact, a high-efficiency evaporator, and a corrosion-resistant stainless steel pump. Removable steel panels make it easy to extend the life of your chiller with routine cleaning and maintenance.

The Icewagon air-cooled line ships ready to install, including both split and outdoor systems. Choose from 10 models with sizes ranging from 36x20x39 inches to 69x39x65 and available output ranging from 10,800 to 144,830 BTU. Stainless steel finishes designed for restaurant and commercial kitchen use are also available.

Water-Cooled Chillers

The Icewagon line also features an extensive selection of water-cooled chillers for food, medical, nuclear, and industrial applications. Like the air-cooled models, these durable coolers have a structural steel frame, removable steel panels. The water-cooled models also feature fully insulated brazed copper piping throughout. Our chillers are designed for efficiency and ease of use, with a digital thermostat and safety features such as a pressure relief device.

Nine models of water-cooled ice-wagon chillers are available, including both split and outdoor systems as well as stainless steel restaurant finishes. This line ranges in size from 36x22x39 inches to 52x28x53 inches and available output of 13,680 to 144,000 BTU.

Both our air-cooled and water-cooled models are easy to set up, requiring only connections to electricity and the water line. Every unit is custom-made to your exact specifications, with the ability to add features such as weatherproofing and special pumps or currents. These chillers are certified as low-temperature process chillers with temperatures reaching to -30°F for the water-condensing chillers and even lower for the air-condensing models. We also offer extra-low industrial chillers with temperatures at or even below -75°F.

Customer telephone support is included with your purchase. Contact GCI Refrigeration Technologies online, request a quote, or call (855) 470-8558 to learn more about our durable scroll chillers.