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Customized Industrial Chillers for Various Applications

GCI Refrigeration Technologies produces custom-built chillers for use in diverse factory settings. Using our standard designs as a framework, we work individually with each customer to personalize their products according to their specific industrial applications.

Our Industrial Chillers

Over the years, we've developed our own standard components, which serve as a foundation for the construction of our industrial chillers. Our customers can choose from various stock chiller models, and we can add optional features to customize each product to suit distinct operational needs. Our inventory of industrial chillers includes four types of chillers, all of which are available in air-condensing and water-condensing designs and include many options for size and capacity.

  • Durable Scroll Chillers: Our DS Series Icewagon™ durable scroll chillers are designed for versatile and portable applications. A cost-effective option for a general-purpose chiller, these compact products are outfitted with 1 to 12 horsepower (hp) compressors and feature tank sizes of 6 or 19 gallons.
  • Heavy-Duty Industrial Chillers: A more focused product line dedicated to complex processes across a diverse range of industries, our DH Series Icewagon™ chillers offer a durable, reliable approach to managing your industrial cooling needs.
  • Low-Temperature Process Chillers: A specialized alternative to the DS Series, our low-temperature portable chillers provide cooling capacities of up to -30°F.
  • Extra-Low-Temperature Industrial Chillers: Designed for pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnology, and other applications that require extremely low temperatures, our extra-low-temperature, heavy-duty industrial chillers can accommodate cooling needs as low as -75°F.

Uses for an Industrial Chiller

Under some circumstances, industrial chillers are a necessity. In other cases, they're simply a smart investment. Either way, there's no question that an industrial chiller can increase your productivity and also contribute to the overall safety of your employees, equipment, and facility. By using either water or air, chillers efficiently manage the transfer of heat and quick cooling processes relevant to your application in a secure, contained manner. Because personnel doesn't have to be directly involved, chillers sufficiently minimize the risk of injury or damage to expensive machinery. By streamlining critical procedures, industrial chillers effectively make the production process faster and easier.

Industrial Chillers infographic

At GCI Refrigeration Technologies, we've been providing our customers with professional recommendations in choosing the right industrial chillers for their needs since 1965. For more information on our chillers, cooling towers, or other customizable products, call us today at (225) 926-6950 or request more information using our convenient online form.

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