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GCI is the manufactuerer of the highly-regarded ICEWAGON™ industrial chiller used for more than four decades to protect precision manufacturing equipment and end products from damaging heat.

Industrial chillers refrigerate water and other coolants, which are pumped through discrete manufacturing and process equipment.  Package chillers are complete machines, including a process pump and a coolant expansion reservoir.  They are either portable (mounted on casters) or central (bolted down) and eject the heat they remove into the air or water.  The company was founded in 1958 as Peuchen Inc. to make liquid chillers for the young plastics industry. In 1981, it was merged into GC Industries. Today, GCI is a unit of Marduk Holding Corp., Avenel, New Jersey - the parent company of seven companies in the HVAC and temperature control field. Historically, GCI has had a strong position in the northeast corridor of the U.S. although today does buiness globally.  

The philosophy of the company has remained the same over the years: to spend the time to help our customers select the right chiller for their application, then provide the highest quality, most durable equipment at very competitive prices.